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Community Uplifting Revitalizing and Beautifying our Schools

Project CURB  is a 501c3 non profit parent and community led organization whose mission is to work collectively with SHPS and the community to maintain and improve the aesthetics of our schools, matching the exterior of the buildings to the remarkable things happening on the inside.

Join us as we continue to transform 
the hubs of our community

Studies Show the Visual Appearance

of a School Building Affects Student Performance

Landscaping For Improving A Learning Environment: Does This Really Matter?

School environment can affect behavior

Project CURB aims to orchestrate, sponsor and execute annual outdoor beautification projects at each school within the SHPS district. 

These projects will focus on: 

  • Campus clean ups

  • Adding curb appeal to schools and athletic facilities

  • Updating and adding campus signage 

  • Creating or expanding outdoor learning areas



  • Join Project CURB and help us target projects that align with our mission

  • Help execute projects

  • Help us find sponsorship dollars​​

  • Contact us to learn more at


  • Checks are payable to South Haven Project CURB

  • Donate online via PayPal

How You Can Get Involved

Donate Today!

Donate online via PayPal 
or make checks payable to

South Haven Project CURB
P.O. Box 131
South Haven, Michigan 49090

about our mission

In recent years our schools have undergone major transformations. Our students are now more equipped for success than ever before as the district has launched competitive curriculums, acquired the latest technology, created superior learning environments, expanded honors and AP classes, academically talented programs, career ready pathways and duel enrollment classes. 

All of this, paired with amazing teachers and staff, positions our district to be a leader among our peers.

We want to help keep this momentum going.


What better way to broadcast these achievements than to have our schools beam on the outside as much as they shine on the inside.

When our schools succeed, we all succeed. Join our mission. 

meet our team


Robyn Henrickson


Residence: South Haven, Michigan

Hometown: South Haven, Michigan

Profession: Human Resources Manager

Education: BA, Michigan State University


Christine Armintrout


Residence: South Haven, Michigan

Hometown: Flint, Michigan

Profession: Event Marketing

Education: BA, Western Michigan University


Brian Dissette


Residence: South Haven, Michigan

Hometown: South Haven, Michigan

Profession: County Administrator

Education: BA, Western Michigan University, MPA, Western Michigan University


Suzanne Sutherland Loafman


Residence: South Haven, Michigan

Hometown: Hammond, Indiana

Profession: Marketing Communications & PR

Education: BA, Ball State University


Kyle Henrickson


Residence: South Haven, Michigan

Hometown: Allegan, Michigan

Profession: Senior Sales Professional

Education: BS, Western Michigan University


Nick Loafman


Residence: South Haven, Michigan

Hometown: Montrose, Michigan

Profession: Physician

Education: BS,  Albion College

D.O., Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

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