1. Marquee/entry sign landscaping with symbolic tree- Northeast corner of building

  2. Sound reduction berm with landscape –
    East side of building

  3. Directional/welcome sign with landscape -
     South Parking Lot Entrance

  4. Wall mural with landscape –
    South Entrance (Sports Entrance)

  5. Ram sculpture with landscape –
    South Entrance (Sports Entrance)

  6. Student gathering area hardscape with landscape –Southwest Entrance (Pool Entrance)

  7. Arts garden/display area with landscape–
    West Entrance (ListiakEntrance)

  8. Ram sculpture with hardscape and landscape –
    West Entrance (ListiakEntrance)

  9. Paving and outcrop stones at walkway corners –
    North and south sides of building

  10. Removal of aged trees, placement of new trees –
    North Parking Lot

  11. Symmetrical extension of current landscape -Main Entrance


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